10 Reasons Why Fostering Animals is Literally the Best

Fostering is a vital part of helping save more animals. 

Here are 10 reasons why fostering is so great:

1. You’re helping your shelter save more lives.

Fostering helps keeps the shelter available to receive more animals in need.

2. It feels great to do it.
Watching an animal transform from scared and skittish to trusting and happy hits all the feels.
3. It’s a great thing for the whole family.

Socialization is key for a foster animal and for humans. It can also teach children about responsibility, kindness, and charity.

4. Fostering can work with your lifestyle.

Fostering comes in all shapes and sizes.  Many people can’t take bottle babies or a pack of pups but work with your local shelter on what you can provide.

5. Animals are powerful healers.

People are attracted to foster for many reasons.  Perhaps they’ve experienced a recent loss of their own pet or they’ve had some major life changes and could use a little company.  

6. It’s EASY.

Chances are you’ve got an animal welfare organization close by and they are always looking for help.

7. You’re helping your shelter save more lives.

Shelters typically cover costs associated with fostering such as medical care, food, etc.

8. You’ll go places.

Dogs need exercise, socialization, and enrichment so be ready to explore with your new temporary best friend. 

9. Saying "Goodbye" isn’t terrible.

Sure, it’s probably going to be hard to say goodbye but knowing that you’ve helped put that animal on the right path to a great home will help.  Who knows, you’ll probably want to keep doing it!

10. It could end up a permanent resident.

Sometimes you don’t want the party to stop with your foster furbaby and it becomes a permanent family member.  

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