Returning to Work after COVID and Separation Anxiety

So you, like many during COVID added a furry family member and now you’re headed back to the office

First thing, congratulations on finding a new best friend!

Second, we know you’re a little worried about having less time with them, some of them may not be thrilled either. There is a reason they are dubbed “man’s best friend”; they want to be around us all day, every day. So unless you work from home, it’s best to set the expectation with them as soon as possible because dogs, much like us humans, can develop anxiety. If higher levels of anxiety are left unattended, a dog can develop an anxiety disorder. If the then anxiety disorder is left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to behavioural and other issues. 

So what does separation anxiety look like in a dog? It’s not a hard and fast list but symptoms can include:

Excessive drooling

Excessive vocalization

Accidents in the home

Obsessive licking on the same spot/area causing a wound

Contact one of our vets today to talk about how we can help!

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