We are so excited… and we just can’t hide it! Dr. Emily Swiniarski is part of the team! 

Dr. Emily Swiniarski has lots to say about telehealth and her choice to join the team.

I had heard good things about Vidaah through another shelter veterinarian, and needed a way to decrease the stress on the veterinarians and technicians at my shelter while providing excellent care for our foster animals. Vidaah was the perfect product, removing the stress of being on call.

Telehealth is where veterinary medicine needs to be, allowing pet or foster parents to immediately reach a veterinarian by logging on to their phones. Pets get medical attention faster for both acute and chronic issues due to improved accessibility. And in these modern days where veterinarians are hard to come by, getting appointments or access to an emergency hospital gets more and more difficult; telehealth provides a scalable solution to this growing issue.

Vidaah is an essential part of every shelter team: decreasing stress on medical and foster staff while providing best care to animals. It aids in shelters being able to increase capacity for care by not only providing round-the-clock care, but increasing veterinarian and technician retention. Shelters can also use this as a recruiting tool, maintaining work-life balance for all staff.

When Vidaah asked me to join the team, I jumped at the chance.  They are wholly invested in providing solutions for animal welfare professionals that work.

I am looking forward to helping bring this solution to shelters across North America! 

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