Fosters work around the clock... So do our vets.

Veterinary advice for your foster families from the convenience of a smartphone.

Foster families expand your organization’s lifesaving capacity. Vidaah is:


On-call Veterinary Teletriage service delivered via live mobile chat.


We use licensed veterinarians globally to cover all time zones.


Extend your medical team with veterinary advice to help fosters feel supported, no matter how many pets they have.

It’s not just about the money...

Vidaah’s veterinarians have helped thousands of pet parents save money by providing on demand veterinary advice instead of those unnecessary vet visits.

Plus, Vidaah Foster service can help reduce the stress on shelter medicine teams while enhancing the experience of your foster family volunteers.

Learn more (FAQ)

Vidaah is a veterinary teletriage service available to support you with all of your pet-related questions or concerns by our licensed veterinarians. Vidaah Foster was created to support the important work that shelters do with expanding their capacity for care through foster homes. We also know that things happen while in foster where questions or concerns arise, sometimes in the middle of the night. We are available anytime, anywhere to help.

Shelters that partner with Vidaah have the option to refer pet parents to our service. For every membership purchased through a shelter’s custom link, a free membership is given to the shelter’s foster community.

Anything and everything! Our vets want to help in any way, they are self-proclaimed experts of puke and poop 🙂 Some common topics we’ve seen: anxiety, digestive, allergies to name a few. We are always available to talk, no matter the time!

See how it works! It's just a quick 3 step process:

1) Open the "Chat with a vet" tab

2) Select a pet to chat about

3) Select "Start chat". That's it!

Help us. Help you.

We know the work you do is important and we are pleased to pre-fund 10,000 months of live, veterinary chat to support your foster families. We promise to continue offering another free month for every new Vidaah membership we earn.

Keeping it simple.

Create your Foster Admin Account - all you need is an organizational email address. (2 minutes)

Send your Foster Families a free sign up link for Vidaah Foster chat support. (1 minute)

Send all other pet parents your personalized sign up link for the Vidaah membership services. (30 seconds)

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