Our Vision

At Vidaah, we know the Veterinary industry is in crisis; it has become increasingly difficult to find a vet or get that urgent advice. We created Vidaah to help bridge the gap to provide access to veterinary care; anywhere, anytime.

Vidaah has been connecting pet parents with vets for a while now.

Our Values

the metrics are our north star and we pride ourselves on being honest about it.

We keep it light and playful, just like every happy tail wagging companion.

We are passionate entrepreneurial self starters committed to the success of our offerings

Our concern is not only with the health and wellbeing of our customers but our team and partners

Believe it or not, our team uses Vidaah too.

Web based application

We created this platform to be accessible on any device with an internet connection; if you’re at the dog park, on a road trip, in your own backyard - you can chat with a vet!

We have a global database of veterinarians

Our veterinarians have a minimum of 7 years and many come with specialties such as behaviour, nutrition, shelter medicine and surgery.

We work with Animal Shelters

We are the leader in veterinary teletriage for animal shelters to help increase their capacity for care with their foster parents and through our referral program, provide a revenue stream for them.

Our Team

We are all pet parents with 35+ combined years supporting animal welfare organizations, 10 years of marketing to pet parents through various products and services, and 16 years of development experience in Fintech, SaaS and Ecommerce.

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