Vidaah…Helping Shelter Veterinarians Sleep Better

CEO of Vidaah, Gilberto Gandra, and Medical Director of The Anti-Cruelty Society, Dr. Emily Swiniarski discuss how her shelter medicine team used Vidaah chat consults to help veterinarians and foster volunteers sleep better, as well as her thoughts on the future of veterinary telehealth. Over the last decade, Dr. Emily Swiniarski has led Shelter MedicineContinue reading “Vidaah…Helping Shelter Veterinarians Sleep Better”

10 Reasons Why Fostering Animals is Literally the Best

Fostering is a vital part of helping save more animals.  Here are 10 reasons why fostering is so great: 1. You’re helping your shelter save more lives. Fostering helps keeps the shelter available to receive more animals in need. 2. It feels great to do it. Watching an animal transform from scared and skittish toContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Fostering Animals is Literally the Best”