The Vidaah tech team is made up of passionate pet parents with experience creating and maintaining reliable systems. What this all means to Vidaah is we work extremely hard to ensure the technology works for you when you need it most.

In order to make sure Vidaah is always working we want to highlight 3 main ways our system stays healthy:

1. Automated health checks 

Our Vidaah system maintains two separate automated health checks. Uptime metrics which hit our website and ensure the site is up and responding within a specified maximum loading time. We also use transaction end-to-end tests to verify the core actions a user might take such as starting a chat and receiving a message from a vet are working as intended.


In the event any of the above checks fail our team is alerted right away and we will start an incident response plan where we work to make sure we identify any issues and restore service as fast as possible. Our engineers follow strict escalation policies to ensure after 10, 20, 30 minutes we provide an update on the status of the incident.

2. Investing in transparency and communication

Once you access the Vidaah dashboard our team can use our system notices system to relay any information about current reported incidents to you right away. 


We monitor our and social media channels to make sure we are always working to provide the best possible service to you.

3. Sophisticated code changes and deployment practices

The Vidaah team has a sophisticated suite of test cases and quality assurance gates that ensure any change we release is bug free and working as intended. Before any code goes out we use automated tests to verify the change for correctness. We also use code scanning tools to verify best coding practices.

Finally, we use a staging test environment to further ensure our changes work and then our production deployment system ensures all changes reach the live Vidaah system for you to enjoy efficiently. 

Our team values your choice to trust us for your family’s needs and will continue to work to ensure Vidaah’s systems are operational and efficient for when you need them.

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